December 2020

How Can We Make African Reparations Happen?

As we wait for President Elect Joe Biden and Vice President Elect Kamala Harris to be sworn into office, the topic of reparations is on the minds of many in the African American community. While other groups have easily received a remedy from the government for some of the atrocities committed against them, the need for reparations for African Americans is often met with scorn and hostility.

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She has done so much for so many people, but if others do not come to her aid Dr. Delois Blakely, who’s better known as “Queen Mother,” or the “Community Mayor” of Harlem, could end up homeless on the streets.

How did this popular Harlem figure, a Harvard graduate, who has spent years as an activist, a Pan-African who regularly attends meetings at the United Nations and knows many African leaders, come into this dire state of affairs?

Is Legislation Enough to Stop Police Brutality of Black People?

As 2020 ends, no one will forget the high-profile police murders of countless unarmed African Americans like Breonna Taylor and George Floyd which happened earlier this year. After their deaths, massive protests took place nationwide, then new legislation was signed in multiple cities and states across the country to stop excessive force by the police.