Newbies and Ageless creators showcased their talents at BAM’S 2022 DanceAfrica

Many of us know that cultural events like BAM’s DanceAfrica Festival and the International African Arts Festival which feature African-centered everything from live entertainment to food to clothing to jewelry to grooming aids to paintings also serve as a great way for creators to introduce their work to the world. This year’s Festival was no exception and participants included Newcomers like Lennir Menjazz, a young comic book promoter.

Cryptocurrency is the Future of Money

The following is a conversation between (GRW) and Financial Strategist      Omare Kinsey (OK)

GRW: What is cryptocurrency? 

OK: Cryptocurrecncy is a digital form of currency in which transactions are verified and records are maintained      by a decentralized system.  As opposed to a physical representation like the US dollar which is backed by a centralized authority such as the government or a bank. The decentralized system uses cryptography to secure your transactions and is verified by peers, not a central bank.